Monday, August 14, 2006

Back to School

Morgan & her 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, on the 1st day of school.
August 14, 2006

Morgan in her 1st day digs in front of the media center at school.

(Notice the ballet flats & walking shorts are back in style!)

Yes, the "messenger bag" has replaced the backpack this year. Hot pink, of course!

Morgan and Josie (her best friend) on the 1st day of 3rd grade!

Our future TU & Pro golfer

Here is Morgan practicing her putting before her golf scramble on Sunday, August 13th with the Girl's Golf program. This is a LPGA sponsored program, and she is in her 2nd year of golfing. She really likes it, but it was really hot this day! By the way, she made this putt!

This was another practice putt that made it in the hole! Way to go, girl!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Austin & Elizabeth visit Texas!

Our nephew, Austin, and his girlfriend, Elizabeth, stayed with us for the weekend to attend the Dave Matthews Band concert in the Big D! We had a great time and hope they get to visit again soon!
Are these two brothers??

Austin & Elizabeth on their way to Tulsa then (Gasp!) off to Stillwater for his freshman year at Oklahoma State University! Go Pokes!

Don't these three make a cute family! Just kidding! LOL!

Auggie and Mo Mo...two peas in a pod!

Justice League

Scott & Morgan with the Justice League at our recent trip to Six Flags which just so happened to be the hottest day in July!! FYI...Justice League members left to right are Robin, Batman, The Green Lantern, The Flash & Wonder Woman!

Here are the 3 newest members of the Justice League with some of their older colleagues. Left to right: Batman, Lily "princess tough tushie", Robin, Morgan "dancing star", The Green Lantern, Wyatt "the little fighter", and Wonder Woman!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Model Morgan

Our friend Pam (Morgan's best friend Josie's mom) is a great photographer...she took this picture of Morgan the other day...just too cute! We have since cut some of these long locks, but her hair is still long...just below the shoulder. I will post some new pics soon.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Evolution of Morgan's Smile...

Morgan finally lost her first two teeth (on bottom) at the beginning of 2nd grade in September 2005. She pulled the 1st one on Friday, Sept. 2nd with the gentle persuasion of her Aunt Shelby (never mind that Mommy and Daddy had been trying to get her to pull it for about a week). The 2nd one she pulled out the following Friday, Sept. persuasion necessary now that she realized the tooth fairy would pay a visit!

It has taken almost a year from her first experience loosing teeth, but she lost her next two teeth in the same day, Monday, July 31, 2006! She lost one on top and one on bottom. You'll have to ask her about the ribbon in her mouth pulling out the bottom one. :-) She actually has another loose one on top, but two in one day was enough! The tooth fairy may be tapped out for one day.

Eeek! This last one is hanging on by a thread. Morgan has been working on it for a little while, but it is stubborn! It has been "dangling" for a few days now!

WANTED: 2 Front Teeth
She finally lost the dangling tooth! It was the 3rd tooth to come out in one week! Her Aunt Shelby's mother-in-law, Jackie (aka Nanny), just pulled it out. Morgan said "Jackie is really good at pulling teeth because it didn't even hurt!" She lost this one on Thursday, August 3rd, 2006.