Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Morgan's Sketch of Jersey

We had a beautiful warm sunny day here the other day so Morgan sat out on the balcony with Jersey soaking up the sun. While enjoying the warmth, she decided to sketch Jersey. She has way more talent than her mother who cannot even draw stick figures. We're hoping she will make use of her talents along the way...just not as a "starving" artist! :-)

Morgan's sketch of Jersey

Friday, February 08, 2008

Meet the new Addition to The K Family

We have a new addition to our clan...Jersey! She is a German Short-haired pointer that we rescued from a local no-kill shelter. We have been considering getting a dog, but we wanted to make sure it would be a good fit for our family. We saw Jersey one morning on the news. About a week later, we went to check her out.

We spent over an hour with her, and she had a wonderful disposition. She got along well with all of, we filled out the application and waited. The adoption process at this shelter is like adopting a child! They checked references, and we had a few hoops to jump through along the way!

A few days later, they called and told us that we had been approved to adopt Jersey. So we picked her up, and she has made herself at home ever since!

She is absolutely the sweetest dog, and we think she approves of her new home!

Jersey & Morgan

Morgan & Jersey
(with her very
scary looking eyes!)

Jersey just hanging out on her bed

"If I close my eyes, they can't see me, right???"

Trying to get away from the camera...

Posing in my focused stance...


"Ok...are you finished with the pictures, yet?"

Monday, February 04, 2008

Van Halen---still rockin' the house!

Went to see Van Halen last Friday Feb. 1st at the Pepsi Center in Denver with my Sweetie Pie and our friends Chris and Kim. OMG...awesome show! Opened with "Running With The Devil"...closed with "Jump!" Sooo many fabulous songs in between!


1. The people watching: okay...let's just say...not everyone has left the 80s behind! Big hair (guys and girls), fishnets, even saw a girl in a mini skirt and leg warmers! So laughing! Also...there were guys dressed in "costume" as David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen circa 1984!

2. I don't get high...but...there were many there who obviously still do...permeating the air. So... it might have entered my nostrils just a bit.

3. The 30 something guy in front of us...priceless! The entire two hours that VH played....he was singing every word at the top of his lungs...playing air guitar and air drums...almost on his date's head! Then...he kept turning around and high-fiving us. Hysterical! Also...most surprising...he was wearing a plaid button down over a turtleneck...was working up such a sweat that he had to remove both and lo and behold....he was soooo cut! I mean mega guns! My friend Kim and I were completely in shock...never would have guessed it.

4. David Lee Roth...had his shirt open or off most of the time. ABS OF STEEL!!! Again...shocking!

5. Wolfie (Wolfgang) Van Halen rocking on stage with his dad! And....he can play the bass guitar very well!

6. The 15 minute guitar solo by EVH....unbelievable! No one can play the guitar like he does! No one!

7. So many great songs..."Ice Cream Man", "You Really Got Me", "Jamie's Crying", "Somebody Get Me A Doctor", "Beautiful Girls", "And The Cradle Will Rock", and of course..."Panama", "I'll Wait", and "Hot For Teacher" and many many others. So many memories from my Jr. High and High School days.

So, when I figure out how to get the pics off my blackjack...I will add them to the blog soon!