Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Call Your Best Friend Today...Don't Wait

If it's been awhile since you've seen that person (or multiple people) or even if you just saw them yesterday or even this morning, pick up that phone and give them a call. Don't think you can just do it later...you may not have later. Tell them how much you love them and how much they make you laugh, smile or how much they mean to you.

A dear friend of my mine and my sister's passed away last night. Unexpectedly. Possibly of heart failure. At the age of 41. She is my sis's next door neighbor, and in the past few years, they have become wonderful friends. Since they spend so much time together, we have become friends as well. They spend just about every weekend together in some way. They walk their kids to school together, keep their back yard gates open in the evenings to hang out on their patios with their families together, shop together and laugh together. Now...Natalie is gone. Forever. However, she will never be forgotten. She has left behind her husband, Dan, of 17 years. In fact, they just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary this weekend. They also have a daughter who is only 10. Now, without her mother there to see her grow up, go to college, get married, and have kids of her own. The sadness of it all overwhelms me.

My daugher is also 10 and took dance with Natalie's daughter. We have not seen them since November 2007 when we were last in Dallas. I was sooo looking forward to seeing them when we go back for my niece's graduation in June. Natalie is just one of those people that brightens your day. She is sweet, fabulously stylish, and has a great sense of humor. She is the type of person who would drop anything to help a friend in need. I know I would have loved her no matter, but I love her more because of the friend she has been to my sister, my best friend.

I know many would say their spouse is their best friend, and I definitely consider my husband as my best guy friend. However, I think there is such a different and special bond with your girl friends! I am so blessed to have sooo many wonderful girl friends...some since I was a child or teenager, and others I have made in my adult life.

So Nat, know that you will be greatly missed by many! I will always think of you with a smile and a laugh. I will miss dancing together and just being "girls" when we would go see The Impostles play! The "Magnolias" are thinking of you as well. None of us can believe you are gone. Our beautiful, sweet, funny "southern" girl at heart who just happened to grow up in the Northeast! We love you and miss you!