Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Slowsky City" VS "Speed Racer-ville"

"Slowsky City" Drivers aka CO Drivers
(not me, yet!)


"Speed Racer-ville" aka TX Drivers
(much more my style)

First, let me say that I don't think either is better or worse. Let's just say they are complete polar opposites. Before moving back to Texas in '02, I did not enjoy driving in the Big D. The fast driving terrified me. I'm a pretty safe driver and have only had 1 ticket in my 20 years of driving. I'm not saying that I haven't deserved more tickets; I've just been fortunate. I also have an internal police radar that I think annoys both my husband and my sister since whenever they are driving I'll say "there's a cop" before anyone else sees one.

My job in TX required a lot of driving all over the metroplex, so I quickly became accustomed to driving fast. You either keep up or get ran over. I understand most non-southerners see southerners as "slow", but get them behind the wheel and fast is the only way to go. You do realize that most NASCAR fans are from the south, right? Most drivers in the Big D drive a minimum of 5 miles over the posted speed limit, typically more. In contrast, most drivers I've been around (obviously more behind them) in Colorado drive the exact posted speed limit or even worse, less than the posted speed limit.

So, on days when I'm busy doing important things (like blogging, reading or shopping), and realize I only have about 10 minutes to get to my daughter's school which is exactly a 10 min. drive, it gets to be a little annoying that I live in "Slowsky City" and no longer in "Speed Racer-ville".

So what can I learn from this?

Lesson #1: I need to leave sooner to get my sweet child so that I'm not the "late mom". 'Luckily, she has never been the last one in her class at school. :-)

Lesson #2: People seem to be just a little more laid back in Colorado. Maybe I should try it more. Question is, can I acclimate????

Friday, November 16, 2007

Girl's Weekend - Starting Now

Since DH is having a boy's weekend in Vegas, Morgan and I are having our own "girl's weekend". She only had a half day of school today, so we had plans to go out to lunch and go shopping, but we decided instead to pick up some lunch and hang out at home for a little while. She wanted to play, and of course, I wanted to play on the computer and listen to the radio trying to win Bon Jovi tickets...I love me some JBJ!

Not wanting to be couch potatoes the rest of the day, we decided that there are a lot of good movies to see, so we think we are going to see the Bee Movie. Although I think going to a movie still counts as being a couch potato just in a public location...except we won't be in our pajamas and I will have makeup on my face.

So I was searching online for reviews of the Bee Movie, and found a good one from another blogging mom. You can check out Mrs. Fussypants review of the movie here. She seems to be a level-headed sweet southern mom. A girl after my own heart. Oh, she also makes jewelry and is having a contest on her blog to win some. So click here to check out her bling give-away.

We have more "girl" things planned for the weekend, and I'll post about them once we actually accomplish some of it. :-)

It's A Small World After All (I hope you don't have the song stuck in your head all day!)

After about 16 years, I have recently reconnected with my roommate from my freshman year of college, Sara. (Shout out to We went to college in Misery (aka Missouri for those of you who haven't lived there), and it just so happens that we are now both living in Colorado with our respective families! She has been here 7 years, and I just moved here in the 7th month of the 7th year of the millennium (I guess numerology is in the air today). It made some sense for her to go to college in Misery as she was born and raised there. On the other hand, I had lived in many other states but never Missouri and graduated H.S. in Louisiana. However, I really did enjoy my college days and the friends I made there. It just happened to be a pretty small college and just reminded me too much of H.S.

Anyway, it's ironic that we are both living here as neither one of us has ever lived in Colorado before (hence it truly is a Small World). Luckily, her workplace is only about 10 minutes from my house, so we met up last week for lunch. It was like we had just seen each other yesterday except now instead of being 19 and carefree, we are in our mid-thirties, mothers, and wives with all of the responsibility that goes with our current stage in life. No complaints because life for me is much better now than then, but seeing her brings back many memories of college days and our youth...many good and some not so good.

So now we are making plans to go Christmas shopping this weekend, get our families together after Thanksgiving, and hopefully make a standing lunch date once a week.

I'm just one of those girls who now truly appreciates her girlfriends, and I hope I show it. I'm terrible with writing letters and sending birthday cards, but I love talking on the phone. This is no surprise to my friends & family, and definitely not to my parents who paid all those long distance bills during my teenage years; however, they did not really complain since I moved quite a bit in high school.

There was a time in my life that my world revolved around the boys I was dating. Thank goodness I have wonderful girlfriends that I've been friends with for years (a few since childhood, Jr. High, H.S. or college) that overlooked my self-centeredness. Cheers to all who stood by me all these years. I love ya!

So I'm so happy to have Sara back in my life and even happier that we live close enough to see each other more often. I wish I could see all of my friends more. However, it's a little more difficult since we are spread all over the U.S. I miss you all!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2 - 13 Live Concerts I've Attended

1. Billy Idol - Rebel Yell Tour- Summer 1984 - Houston's AstroWorld Ampitheatre - with my friend Kerry and her older brother -this was my first concert when I was 13...what were my parents thinking??? However, I had a great time! You can't forget "White Wedding" and "Dancing With Myself".

2. The LIFE Benefit Concert in LA (Love Is Feeding Everyone) featuring Jefferson Starship (or Airplane...whichever), El DeBarge (um...ok...what can I say), Rick Springfield (Jesse's Girl) and Cheech Marin (Born in East L.A.) - Spring 1986 - with my 'rents, brother, and sister. Okay....I've always thought Rick Springfield was cute so I risked embarrasment of going with the whole family so I could see/hear him.

3. The Cure - Summer 1986 - Houston's AstroWorld Ampitheatre -with my friend Katrina - we won tickets on the radio! "Charlotte Sometimes", "Hanging Garden", & "Close To Me" were some favorites of the day...

4. Randy Travis, Tammy Wynette & The Judds - 1988 (I think) - S'port Hirsch Coliseum - with my friend Wendy and her mom! Did not really know many songs then, but we had a blast! I have always liked country and still do.

5. Poison - Spring 1989 - S'port Hirsch Coliseum (#5, #6, & #13 are throwbacks to my "big hair" rock band faze)

6. Warrant - 1991 (I think...) - Fayetteville, AR - with my brother Derek (Remember the song "Cherry Pie"???)

7. The Cure - Wish - Summer 1992 - Dallas - with my brother Derek & his friends - Some favs: "Pictures of You", "Lovesong", "Friday I'm In Love", "To Wish Impossible Things".

8. James Taylor - Fall 1994 - OKC - with my friend J.B - "Sweet Baby James", "Something In The Way She Moves", "Country Road", "You've Got a Friend".

9. ZZ Top - mid to late 90's - Tulsa - with my husband Scott - "Cheap Sunglasses", "Velcro Fly", "Sharp Dressed Man", "Legs", and others well-known to fans...

10. Elton John - Peachtree Road Tour - March 2005 - Dallas - with my husband Scott - "Daniel", "Crocodile Rock", "Your Song", "Rocket Man", "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

11. U2 - Vertigo Tour - Oct. 2005 - Dallas - with my husband Scott - okay...hands down just about every song they have ever recorded! By far one of my favorite all-time bands! I have listened to them since I was about 13 or 14 (early eighties).

12. Duran Duran - Astronaut Tour - Feb. 2005 - Dallas - with my friend Pam. These boys are just beautiful! Favs: "Rio""Girls on Film", "Hungry Like the Wolf", "My Own Way", "Save a Prayer", "Is There Something I Should Know"....also could go on!

13. Bon Jovi - Have a Nice Day Tour - Jan. 2006 - Dallas - with my friend Dawn. I have loved this band since the release of "Runaway". I loved them with their big hair, and I love them even more with their shorter hair. Favorites: "Runaway", "In & Out of Love", "Wanted Dead or Alive", "I'd Die For You", "I'll Be There For You", "Last Man Standing", "Last Cigarette", "Story of My Life", "Lost Highway", "We Got It Going On", "Make A Memory"...obvisously I could keep going!

These are not all of the concerts I have been to in my lifetime so far, but I could only list 13. I hope some of these take you back for a minute or two today...enjoy!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wyatt's Last Baseball Game!

Since we were in the Big D for the weekend, we were able to watch Wyatt play in his last game of the season. At this age, they are coach-pitched, but if they don't hit the first 3 pitched balls, then they get to use a tee. I actually got this action shot of him hitting the pitched ball. His mom (my sis), Shelby, was "coaching" 3rd base. She was talking to the runner on 3rd when Wyatt hit this and the ball literally grazed her! Look out major leagues!

Trophy time for Wyatt and the Pirates! This is the only time I will say that I'm a Pirates fan!