Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just Having Some Fun

I love this one! So sweet!

At ice skating lessons...she's in the gray and black.
She's doing really well and loves it so far!

One Sunday afternoon she got creative.
She came downstairs in this outfit...
(please excuse DH's shoes and other clutter)

She is wearing my old cowboy hat
and a construction paper mustache.

She then posed like this!

This is by far my favorite...I think the
umbrella was her "rifle"...can you tell she
is an only child and no one was available
to play????

You gotta love it!

Conversation I had with my 9 year-old while she was in the bath the other day.

Daughter: "Mom, I'm taking a bath."

Me (yelling from downstairs): "Okay."

Daughter: "Do you want me to go ahead and bathe?"

Me: "Hmmm...why would I want you to bathe since you're in the tub and all...Oh no, that's not why you're in the bath. You're just in there to get wrinkly old lady fingers and toes, oh and get water all over the floor when you get out."

Me still: "Yes, PLEASE bathe, we all would appreciate it!"

Daughter: "Okay, just checking."


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We've been Elfed!

Click here to check us out! You can do it too!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Okay...we currently live in a much smaller townhouse than our previous house in TX. Therefore, I really don't have room for my big Christmas tree and all my decorations. Here is a picture of the extremely slim tree I purchased last week. I think it was meant to flank your front door or fireplace or something like that...but this year it is our one and only Christmas tree!

Our own "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree"!

Simple wreath on our front door!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

It snowed here on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday, and we're expecting more possibly on here are some pics of the beautiful snow!

This is just outside our front door. Through Sunday, we had about 7 inches of snow. This is the most snow my daughter has ever seen since she has spent the last 6 years in TX. We did get snow on occasion in North Texas, but not like this.

Another picture just outside our front door. It is just beautiful! I hope we get a White Christmas as well!

This is out on our balcony of our townhouse. No view of the mountains today due to the cloud coverage.

First taste of snow...cold and yummy!

Happy B-day, Scott (aka Daddy)

My version of his favorite cake, Cinnamon Chocolate.
I just prefer bundt was delicious if I do say
so myself! We had already celebrated in OK during
Thanksgiving, but we had to have our own party on
his actual b-day so we could celebrate his first b-day
in Colorado.

I don't think he looks this old!
Oh, this is their look-a-like smile. Scary!

These two love "The Simpson's", and she just
had to get him this movie for his b-day.
Yes, that is a Colorado Rockie's fleece blanket on
the back of my sofa. Not really my decor colors,
but it is the softest & warmest blanket. Thank you
to my father-in-law for leaving it when my in-laws
were visiting in October. My DH and FIL went to
one of the playoff games, and it got really cold, so
my FIL bought this blanket for the game.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Spa Night

While we were in Texas in November, Morgan wanted to have a "Spa Pajama Party" at my sister, Shelby's, with her kids. Morgan had it all planned out, and Shelby and I just had to execute all the details. They did facials and manicures, and we made cucumber bagel sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries for the party. Check out some of the party pics below...

Lil, Morgan, Haley (friend), and Wyatt putting
on their cornmeal facial scrub. Yes, we are keeping
this pic for blackmail purposes when Wyatt starts
dating! :-)

This one, too...gotta love the headband.

Now for the banana mush mask for soft & supple
skin! It tastes pretty good, too!

You can't forget the cool slices of cucumber to
get rid of those puffy eyes and under-eye circles!

Ah...relaxation at its best!

Beautiful Mountain Views!

I thought I would finally post some pics of the mountains in Colorado since we've only been here for 5 months! It is really so wonderful to walk out on our balcony and see these majestic views! It actually snowed here a little this morning although it already melted, but all of the ski resorts are getting a lot more snow now! Supposedly we may get some tonight/tomorrow morning.

Clear sunny day in Colorado in November

Overcast, snowy day in the mountains in November snow in the city on this day though!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Turkey, Cinnamon Chocolate Cake & Bloody Mary's, oh my!

I love Thanksgiving! It's probably my favorite holiday next to Christmas. I have a pretty large extended family, and it was always so much fun when I was young spending Thanksgiving either in Arkansas with my granny and all my dad's family or in Louisiana with my Mammaw and Pappaw and all my mom's family. As a child, I was an extremely picky eater, and the meal was not my favorite part of the holiday by any means. It still isn't. I did not even like turkey until my early teens (thanks to my dad's scrumptious smoked turkeys). I only started eating dressing/stuffing and pumpkin pie in my late 20s. Until then, my plate at Thanksgiving consisted of mashed potatoes, corn casserole, ham (if I could talk my mom into making it along with the turkey), and a dinner roll. As a southern girl, I love my starches!!!

Although I'm still pretty picky, my tastes have evolved somewhat. I really do like trying other things. But this year it seems I reverted back to my childhood as I only had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, stuffed mushrooms and bread on my plate. :-) Yes, I realize I did not get any green veggies! I think the only green veggie available was a green bean casserole, and I just can't bring myself to eat it.

I love being around my family and love the feel of fall in the air which makes this time of year one of my favorite. We spent the holiday in Oklahoma with Scott's family. Scott was born on Thanksgiving, and although his b-day is not always on Thanksgiving, it is his family's tradition to "celebrate" his b-day on Thanksgiving Day since his birth interrupted their Thanksgiving festivities so many years ago. So instead of pumpkin pie for dessert, we had his favorite, Cinnamon Chocolate Cake...along with a spicy Bloody Mary!

Luckily, my brother, his wife, my nephew and niece recently moved back to Oklahoma, and we were able to visit them as well! I wish we would have had more time with everyone! We really miss them and hope to see you all again soon! It was a great visit, and I just wish it lasted longer. I missed being able to see my sister and her family and my parents, and can't wait to see them all soon! I truly am thankful for our family and the wonderful times we share!

I meant to take pics, but forgot, so I will have to wait until my niece, Amanda, or either my sister-in-law Kelly or Kim email some of their pics, please!!!

Now, I guess I need to start decorating for Christmas... :-)