Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Season 7 of AI...Oh, boy...

Okay, let me just say, I am soooo happy that American Idol is back on. First of all, because of the sucky writer's strike, almost any and all of the good shows are in reruns already. Secondly, and most importantly, I love watching the "auditions" for AI. Love, Love Love!!! I even got off the phone with a very close friend last night in order to watch the entire 2 hours of it while it was actually on....couldn't even wait to TIVO it! This is one show that my husband, my daughter and I can all watch together and laugh hysterically!!! If you don't watch American have to watch the auditions...priceless!

So with a glass of wine in hand, the viewing began! The 1st city for auditions was Philadelphia. Let's just say there are some great people in Philly. It is the home of Philly Cream can't be too bad of a thighs may not agree, but oh my tummy loves it! Why is it that thousands of people go to audition for this show, when maybe 1% can actually sing. I mean really sing. Seriously, I cannot sing. However, I have known this from a very young age. I did not need anyone to tell me this....I can hear myself sing (in the shower and alone in my car). In fact, I really don't have any musical talent whatsoever. This is not devastating to me. I luckily am good at numbers and with people, so I am able to make a living. I was also basically kicked out of band in the 7th grade...fortunately for me (and the band) we moved out of state 3 months into my 7th grade year, and I didn't have to actually be "kicked" out. Let's just say my band director let me know that if I didn't do band at my new school that I would be fine. Thanks mom for making me take band...real self-confidence booster! :-) I also took Choir my senior year of H.S. and lip-synched my entire way through it. Darn the State of Louisiana that required so many "fine arts" classes in order to graduate as a Board of Regents Scholar. I think my choir teacher felt sorry for me, and also wanted to save his hearing, because I know he knew I was lip-synching. I still got an "A" in his class though! :-) So I can't sing or play an instrument. Again, not life threatening here. My mother, brother and sister can all play the piano and other instruments. I, on the other hand, take after my musically-challenged father. He's good with numbers and people too. Thanks dad! :-)

Anyway, why is it that some of these people think they can sing?? What's worse is they have family members and friends at the audition with them waiting outside the doors just "knowing" that this person is "deserving" of getting a "ticket" to Hollywood. We all have friends and family here....don't you think the last thing they would let you do is go on TV and try to sing when you cannot??? Then, when Simon says "no" or "that was the worst thing I have ever heard", they cuss Simon who is just telling them what obviously no one close to them has the guts to say.

I understand that some of these people need their "15 minutes of fame", or they think if they are soooo bad, they'll get a recording contract like William Hung because they are just that bad. I sooo don't need to publicly humiliate least not on purpose. I think I do that enough on my own by accident.

So, go check out the 2nd night of "auditions" tonight on won't be sorry. Priceless! It really is a good show, and most of the time the judges aren't unrealistic or overly mean. It's a tough business...if you're going to put yourself out there, you need to be ready to hear the criticism. There is obviously some true talent that makes it by being on this show by winning or just getting their start such as Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, etc.

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Nap Warden said...

I don't get it...Like the guy who dressed as Princess Leah and waxed himself. Why? The people who totally cry...Did they really not know how bad they are?

I hate the writers btw. If this strike affects LOST, heads will roll. I will be adding you to my blogroll!