Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Christmas Memories!

Because I was not as motivated to post to the blog during the holidays...I now have to catch up. Also, my parents were here with us for a week, and I spent time with them instead of blogging...because I'm a good daughter like that! Although, I am a great daughter, I totally stink at getting relative moments caught on camera! So I have absolutely no pictures of my parents while they were visiting us! Sorry Mom and Dad! But...I do have these....

Our "Charlie Brown" Christmas Tree...
Santa brought Morgan some roller blades...
finally...after three consecutive years of the request!
You know...Santa's a little slow sometimes.

Sweetie Pie got a harmonica in his stocking....oh joy!

My two wonderful aunts, Mary & Linda,
sent these to MoMo to keep her warm
during her first winter in Colorado!

Morgan's personal and very pink Christmas Tree!

Trying out the new blades in her new
Justice for Girls outfit...priceless!

Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas as well
and Happy Hanukkah to my jewish friends!

Sidenote: We had a very White Christmas!! Snowed about 7 inches on Christmas Day and another 7 inches two days later! Beautiful and amazing!

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