Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Snow Much Fun!!!

MoMo spent an evening at our friends house, Four Ts and a G, who actually lived near us in Texas and now only live about 15 minutes away from us in Colorado! It just happended to have snowed...a lot...that weekend. Since she had to finish a really big project on Molly Brown that day, she had not gotten the chance to play in the snow. Mr. G felt bad for our poor deprived child, found some extra snow clothes for her, and sent her out with his 3 T girls for some snow fun!

(I actually "borrowed" these pics from Mrs. T (3 Ts mom and Mr. G's wife...not wife of Mr. T). So Mrs. T...thank you! Because...I love these pics!

Taryn, Morgan, Tobi and Tatum...posing in the snow!

Tobi, Taryn, Morgan and Tatum...preparing for...



Nap Warden said...

How fun...I just bought my tickets for Vail! Ski baby, finally gonna ski!

Larry Gamez said...