Friday, January 18, 2008

Sweet Moments...Sweet Life

Sweet Night: Sweetie, lil bear, and I all went out to dinner last night. At our favorite Colorado Mexican one here and closest to the best we had in Texas.

I tried to stick to eating sensibly...had chicken fajitas...but, of course, was enticed by a mogo margarita...wonder if they meant mojo...or is mogo really just mojo in spanish???? Anyway, with the amount of Respado tequila...I think that's what they meant! It was sooo smooth though...just wonder how many gazillion calories were in that??? Mental note....must get to the gym every day to work off that mogo margarita! :-)

Sweet moment: So, we are having great family conversation and laughter...not alcohol induced. Just fun. Then the meal comes, and my sweetest 9 yr old girl just bows her head in silent prodding from us. (Insert my big smile and teardrop). So sweetie and I follow suit. So proud of public...doing what's in her heart no matter what others may think of her. So sweet!

After getting home, and getting lil bear to bed, we head to our room...great...just in time for Without A that show. Sweetie pie has other ideas (no...not what you're thinking...although the margarita may have helped if we hadn't been sooo tired)....turns on TV to the History Channel...I get sucked in as well! It was about scientists who theorize that the Bermuda Triangle is actually a magnetized black hole on Earth. Way cool! Bringing out my inner nerd! 10 minutes into the guessed it...Sweetie Pie is asleep. totally engrossed in this show. :-)

Sweet morning: Once I played a few online games of backgammon, I decided to get to sleep myself. This morning, went to wake lil bear who woke up in the best mood! So sweet and loving and easy. Love those mornings! She's had a lot of homework this week and didn't get the best rest so some of the other mornings have been a little moody. In the car on the way to school she starts asking me about when she was born...I told her she was a week late, and she said, "Well, mom, it was probably just so nice and cozy that I just wanted to stay and sleep." (Insert my big smile and teardrop). Then we laughed about how she was such a little heater (and still is)...she was born with a lot of blonde hair and when she slept she left a sweat circle from her head on her sheets. It was the strangest thing...hence her nickname sometimes "beezer head". Because I didn't know a baby could sweat like that and it reeked!

Sweet day: Sweetie Pie just called a few minutes ago just to tell me he loved me! Love that man!

Cannot ask for a sweeter life!

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